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When I was 12 I had my first UFO encounter. While on a beach in Hawaii I saw .....

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David has had multiple sightings and encounters with various "unidentified"  elements both physical and metaphysical. The Paranormal has fascinated David since 1964 when he was living on the Island of Oahu Hawaii at  age twelve, David witnessed a UFO lift out of the sea and follow a jumbo  jet for over a mile before vanishing into space in less than 5  seconds. 

Fast forward: 1994 David becomes Executive Producer of Marconi Award winning “Cost to Coast AM with Art Bell” -  Development and syndication with affiliates on over 540 radio stations. -  Created and produced the “After Dark Newsletter” for the Art Bell show -  Ghost writer of articles for Art Bell - All aspects of marketing,  promotion & graphic design  - Producing and engineering of show.  When Art Bell retired in 2001 from his weekly radio show and Sunday  paranormal show "Dreamland" David X took over Art's time slot and hosted  "Strange Universe" from 2001 to 2006 nationally syndicated on over 150  stations. During these five years David interviewed over 700 guests on  various paranormal topics and was told he conducted the best interview  of any host these guests had ever experienced.

Career: For  the past 27 years David X developed advertising and marketing for  fortune 500 companies with key personnel, international advertising  campaigns for radio/TV and Social Media such as: Quantas Airlines -  Samsung Galaxy Dream Project - Taser International - Can Am ATV  - Jeep  Wrangler - Expedia - Weta Workshop New Zealand (testimonial from Sir Richard Taylor & The Jim Henson Co.)


Track Record: David managed and developed 6 of the TOP 10 syndicated radio/TV talk show hosts and media personalities of the last 2 decades.

Awards: Won the 2009 LACA Award “New Star Award” in Voice Over/Technical  Production - Won the 2010 LACA Most Original Radio Advertising Award in  Voice Over/Technical Production - Won the 2012 LACA "Best Web Series"  with Greg Broadmore of Weta New Zealand, for Voice Over/Technical  Production on the international ad campaigns promoting products from New  Zealand’s Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit,”  "District 9"  and "Avatar" and many more.

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