David J Negron Jr.


Executive Producer/Director

With over 25 years in the motion picture industry David Negron Jr has held top ranking positions as Producer, Director, Screen Writer, 2nd Unit  Director, Visual Effects Supervisor and Storyboard Artist. His work has been instrumental on various feature films as JUSTICE LEAGUE, INHUMANS,  BATTLESHIP, NATIONAL TREASURE, OPEN RANGE, MR. AND MRS. SMITH, G.I. JOE  RISE OF COBRA and countless others.

His directorial debut came with the film KILLING ARIEL, a classic  psychological thriller that has broken new ground in the horror film  genre gaining a North American  release and foreign territories. The  film was awarded honorable mention in the Hollywood Film Festival and  Sol Dance Film Festival. His second film TOM KELL, THE SONG WRITER'S  JOURNEY, has made it's way into many film festivals and has a release  through Amazon. While working with Academy  Award winner Kevin Costner's on his film OPEN RANGE, David was promoted  from Storyboard artist to Visual Effects Supervisor to ultimately 2nd  Unit Director in which the film is notes as having the highest rating  for a final gunfight shoot out! While working on BATTLESHIP for Peter  Berg, David was in charge of designing action sequence that to this day  baffle the mind of their accomplishments.

Traditional  trained as an illustrator, David finds himself often behind the motion  camera demonstrating his to passion as a film-maker. He is member of  Directors Guild of America and The Art Directors Guild of America and  holds an acting card with the Screen Actors Guild due to his magnificent  role as The Drug Lord's Accountant in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.  David  has written many motion picture scrips that are registered with the  Writers Guild of America of which many may find their way to the big  screen. With so many versatile talents it's no wonder why David is  called upon to become a team player on feature films, Television,  Documentaries and Reality Programming. 

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