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David X - Host of Alien Chasers 

Award Winning Radio Host / TV Producer 

& International Communications Expert 


David has had multiple sightings and encounters with various "unidentified" elements both physical and metaphysical...

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David J Negron Jr. 

CEO of Goliath Pictures, Inc. Located in Seal Beach, California. 

Executive Producer/Director 

With over 25 years in the motion picture industry David Negron Jr has held top ranking positions as Producer, Director, Screen Writer, 2nd Unit Director, Visual Effects Supervisor and Storyboard Artist...

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Our Mission:


We want the truth and evidence to be disclosed. Today we are getting closer to disclosure as many scientists argue that space travelers must have dropped by before humans even existed and left behind technosignatures such as radios, rockets or other tech that might have been lying deep underground or floating around in space for eons.

You are the best evidence of ET involvement on earth, and your experience is the most important story that can be told. Help us expose the raw truth so humankind can understand our place in the universe.

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